About Us

About Us

About Us We are a team of passionate, enthusiastic, and dedicated members from Rural area Uttarakhand, India. our team is a life-changing experience to collaborate with people from all backgrounds and cultures daily and work towards a common goal of producing a product that is changing the lives of hundreds of thousands of people.


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About Humans Of Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand is a state in the northern part of India known as Dev Bhoomi (Land of Gods). In the mythological texts, there is a widespread mention of this area in the name of Kedar Khand and Manas Khand. Therefore, this region has been considered as “Dev Bhoomi” and “Tapobhumi”. The major languages spoken here are Brajbhasha, Garhwali, Kumauni, etc. Tourism, handicrafts, and handloom industries have the immense potential here. Through Humans Of Uttarakhand, we will endeavor to bring people associated with Uttarakhand’s handicrafts, culture, tourism, success stories, and events to the world map.

Humans of Uttarakhand envisions connecting the people of Uttarakhand around the world and creating a deep sense of belonging among the community, and is an initiative to bring out the stories of those who have gone through their time. Those who showcase life in Uttarakhand If you have been inspired by joining us, or you want to share any of your experiences with us, then contact us on Mail, Facebook, and Twitter.

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This journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step in 2020