Adhyatma (Spirituality) is a philosophy, a stream of thought, a discipline, a traditional heritage of our culture, a squeeze of the thinking of sages, mystics, a divine offering of Upanishads. In the eighth chapter of the Gita, its form, that is, the soul is called spirituality. “The Supreme Nature of Spirituality (परमं स्वभावोऽध्यात्ममुच्यते)”. Spirit, God, Jiva, Maya, Birth-Death, Reincarnation, Creation-Holocaust is the attempt to solve the unforeseen riddles of spirituality. It is a different matter that this effort has been successful so far.

Vedic Astrology Maharishi Parashar

The Great Vedic Astrology Maharishi Parashar

Great Vedic Astrology Maharishi Parashar: Located in the middle of the dense mountain uplands of Rajasthan, 800 square kilometers in Sariska Tiger Reserve, if you go, there are many places to attract. The samadhi of King Bhartrihari (राजा भर्तृहरि) who composed Shringar century, Vairagya century, and Niti century (श्रृंगार शतक, वैराग्य शतक और नीति शतक), …

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