The identity of India Maa Ganga River

Identity of India Maa Ganga River: The mention of India’s holy river is found extensively in religious texts. The glory of his greatness has also been praised by the leading Mahatmas of the ancient and Vedic eras. With the development of time, civilization, and culture, the importance of the Ganga has been increasing continuously. This is the only descended river in the Ganga river history. No religious rites, rituals are complete without its water.

The identity of India Maa Ganga River
The identity of India Maa Ganga River

A few drops of Gangajal are considered sufficient to purify and disinfect a place. Gangajal remains an integral part of every religious activity. Along with the properties of medicinal plants, miraculous herbs, and mineral salts present in mountain rocks, Gangajal has the integral quality of assimilating oxygen from the atmosphere, Which makes it curative, wonderful. Since ancient times, Ganges water is considered equivalent to wonderful medicine, so sages, sages, saints, and Mahatmas consume only Gangajal. Even kings and emperors used to drink Gangajal from far and wide.

The identity of India Maa Ganga river, carrier of mythological culture

In fact, the river Ganges has been the carrier of an entire culture, which saw the rise and fall of various empires, but the importance of the river Ganges did not diminish. Modern research has also proved that due to the amazing and miraculous of its water, it is present at the foot of the Ganges. Although industrial development has affected the quality of Ganga, its importance remains the same. His greatness is paramount even today.

Maa Ganga River
Maa Ganga River

The Ganges River itself is a complete culture, a complete pilgrimage, which has a glorious history. The Ganges enriched Indian civilization with its various streams, from various sources, the Ganges river is the identity of India in the world. She is the mother, the goddess, the inspiration, the power, the superpower, the ultimate power, the omnipresent, the carrier of festivals. It is a great pilgrimage.

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Puranas say that all the three crore pilgrimages of earth, heaven, and sky are present in the Ganges. The touch of Ganges water provides the virtue of these three crore pilgrimages. The sacred Vishnupadi Ganga, which originated from the feet of Shri Hari, is also called ‘Vaishnavi’. Which Vishnu Bhagwan Ji has described as the image of his water. Which Lord Vishnu wears with his own Leela. Lord Vishnu said in respect of Ganga…

“That this Ganges is mine, is the second idol in the form of water. This is Shivatmika. It is the basis and para-nature of many universes.”

Ganga is present in every particle of the universe and all the religions, Vedas, gods, tapas, powers are subtle parts of the Ganges itself. Therefore one who consumes Gangajal attains all the Yoga rules. The provider and the tapasvi of both are the same. It is said that after birth in many yonis, rare human beings get birth in yoni and the one who gets the presence of the Ganges water attains the supreme dharma.

Lord Mahadev had protected everyone by wearing the Halahal that came out of the churning of the ocean for the welfare of the world. As a reward for this great charity, he got the opportunity to hold the river Ganges. The way to heaven was paved through the Ganges only due to the grace of Shiva.

The identity of the state of Uttarakhand

Ganga Nadi is the best pilgrimage in Kaliyuga, therefore the state of Uttarakhand situated in the land of Bharat is very fortunate, very elevated, and holy, which Shiva has been sanctified only by a wave emanating from the jaggery. It is not only the identity of the state of Uttarakhand but also the identity of India Maa Ganga in the whole world. The water of the Ganges removes all mental and tamasic defects. The Tejas of Shiva present in it destroys all sinful deeds.

identity of the state of Uttarakhand
identity of the state of Uttarakhand

It is said that bathing in the Ganges continuously for one month gives a place in Idhalok, then by bathing continuously for one year, one attains Vishnulok and one who bathes in Ganga regularly during the lifetime gets freedom from the bondage of birth and death. The only vision of the Ganges is to destroy all sins. No Yagya, Tapas, Japa, Niyama, Yama, Dan, Yoga etc. are greater than Ganga. There is no greater benefit than receiving the Ganges. Every action of a human being separated from the Ganges water remains in vain.

A Nirmal and Aviral Maa Ganga Nadi

The flow of many rivers in the world irrigates and enriches. Rivers are the lifeline, lifeline of any country. In ancient times, all the river civilizations developed on the banks of the river. Cities developed on the banks of the river, commercial purposes were fulfilled. Every river originated from one source or the other, but the only Ganges descended in the world. She was born on earth on various occasions called upon. Strong evidence of Ganga cover is found from ‘Bhagiratha Katha’.

When Bhagirath’s penance brought the surasari of Devlok to earth and he accepted to come for the salvation of the creatures of death. Coming to earth, he gave salvation to sixty thousand sons of King Sagar. The life-giving stream of Ganga is still giving salvation to the earth. People do Gangastan in the opposite sense to get salvation. Because the river Ganges did not come to earth only to deliver the sons of Sagar, but its goal was to provide virtue and salvation to the mortal human race.

Goddess and Mother Swaroop A Ganga River

Mother Ganga has been sent to earth by Lord Vishnu, the power that created the universe. She is the mother, mother, goddess, and mother. She showers her grace like a virtuous goddess. From birth to the death of the soul, the mother performs her duty. She says – “O man! I am still sitting on the earth to give you salvation.

Mother Ganga descended here for the welfare of the people of the earth and blessed the entire human race. He gave the reward of his worship by coming here. He also left the divine Vishnu Dham for his purpose. She is not only the mother of Kartikeya and Bhishma, she is the mother of the entire human race, who is also saving the earth in Kali Yuga.

A wonderful source of holy water: A Ganga River

Gangajal is unique in the world. Miraculous water like his water is rare in the world. This water is very pure and healthy, which has the ability to eat pathogens. It is deworming, because the Ganges stream carries amazing properties of various herbs, mineral salts, which dissolve in its water and give it miraculous properties.

So this water does not spoil for years. This fact has also been proved on a scientific basis. The purity, purity of water makes the forests adjacent to the Ganges, coastal agricultural areas, etc. pollution-free. Makes the environment and environment clean and pollution-free.

A superpower of the Universe: A Ganga River

Ganga has been a salvation power since time immemorial, in which the wise attain salvation only by taking a bath. It is said that water was present everywhere before the beginning of creation. In him, the superpower Ganga was present. When Brahma, Madhukaitabha was frightened by the demons, then this great power saved Brahma by awakening the sleeping Shrihari. Knowing the supernatural effect of the superpower, Brahma had kept it in his kamandal, which was called Dharmadravya, and only after the analysis of karma by religion, the universe was created.

From this great power, the sur-asuras were born, a form of this multi-form superpower is the Ganges, which is the power of water. In the form of water, this power gives salvation by its superpower, hence it is called Lokmata. This superpower remains present even after the great catastrophe and catastrophe. It permeates the particles. In the ultimate creation, it is called ‘prime power’, which has the ability to change the era. Even taking the form of superpower, Brahma descends in the body through the ramp.

Carrier of Festivals: A Ganga River

Vayu Dev has described three crore pilgrimages in heaven, earth, and sky. This is mentioned in the Puranas. Teeth have special significance in the rights festivals on earth. Especially the greatness of festivals like an eclipse, Kumbh and culture, etc. has been described as great. Festivals fill new colors in life, so during the time of Kumbh, etc., the shade of the respective pilgrimages looks amazing, new energy is transmitted.

The bathing festivals and fairs on the Ganges are symbols of this vitality. Devprayag, Karnprayag, Uttarkashi bathing at Magh Mela attracts devotees. The reverence, respect, and respect for Ganga reach its peak in the crowd present. Rivers have been the carrier of such cultural, traditional, social, and religious heritage.

A wonderful source of water: A Ganga River

The flow area and river valley of this longest river of India are very fertile. A dense population lives around it. On the one hand, pilgrimage sites developed around its flow route, on the other hand, cities like Calcutta, Howrah, Patna, Varanasi, Allahabad, Kanpur, etc. developed, where industries and businesses strengthened their foundation. It was a major commercial waterway during the British rule, especially the Hooghly waterway was very important from the commercial and industrial point of view.

Being fertile, convenient, the British not only developed Calcutta but also made it the capital. The Ganga proved to be an important source of irrigation. Canals were taken out of it. water by building a dam was prevented from being wasted and electricity was generated. Along with this, railway bridges also developed.

The life-giving Ganga and the inspiration of charity: A Ganga River

In the north, the streams that flow from the snowy glaciers of the Himalayas bless and sanctify many pilgrimages in the form of a river. In Indian culture, rivers are considered motherlike and revered, because they are the basis of water and water is the life of all living beings. Indian culture has developed and progressed by holding the zenith of these rivers. Coastal areas have prospered. In which many became famous in the form of pilgrimage.

Saryu gave fame to Ayodhya, Mandakini to Chitrakoot, Narmada to Omkareshwar, Hoshangabad, Jabalpur, then Haridwar, Prayag, Kashi, Gangasagar, etc., situated on the banks of the Ganges, found a high place among the pilgrimages. The river banks were the abode of sages and sages since the Vedic period, where they composed great texts. Bhakti-liberation, knowledge, dispassion, and sadhana are attained. experienced consciousness. Understand the real knowledge of the world. Experienced Dharma, Karma, Kama, Moksha, Lok, etc. Rivers became the main means of his sadhana, due to which there was a continuous flow of spiritual, peace, and religion in the country.

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India is the land of philanthropists like Karna, Harshavardhana. To get rid of sinful deeds, to beautify one’s world, and to donate for the power of ancestors, the tradition of charity is age-old. Ganga also renounced the greed of heaven and donated her everything to Trilok and even today its implications remain the same. Animals give charity in different forms. Some give education, some give clothes, money, bhudan, etc. Every person gives charity according to his capacity. It is said that if there is no money, then even chanting the name of Ganga and chanting the mantra makes one get rid of sins. Many mantras of Ganga are helpful in achieving the goal of the petitioner, such as –

-ऊं नमो गंगे विएव रूपणे नारायणे।
-ऊं मां गंगा त्रिदेव चेतन्या शक्ति नमो नमः।
-ऊँ नमो गंगा विश्व रूपणे नारायणे हरिप्रिया,चतुर्भज विष्णु जगतपाते परमेश्वर मो ऊं।

Any mantra can fulfill the wish of the person, whether chanting the mantra together or separately, everyone gets the same result.

The constant remembrance of the Ganges is the supreme dharma, which liberates one from worldly bondages. Especially by taking bath in the Ganges, the support of Shivling paves the way for liberation in one birth. But while bathing in the Ganges and staying on the pilgrimage of the Ganges, the place of Achayatra pilgrimage is not flower-carrying. Seeing the Ganges with trepidation is said to be Mahaardham.

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