Landour Hills All weather tourist spot

Landour Hills An all-weather scenic tourist spot/destination: Landour hill station, an important cantonment city of British India, is a Mussoorie beautiful hill station located in Uttarakhand. Which was named after a village. The beautiful Landour hill station or  Mussoorie Hill Station, settled by Captain Frederick Young, thrills the tourists every year, as the sun, before other parts of the country, spreads its charming rays over the lofty peaks here.

Landour Hills Station
Landour Hills Station

In the early nineteenth century, Mussoorie was known in seven major cities of the world. All those facilities were present here, which used to be in England at that time. If all this was possible, thanks to Captain Frederick Young. When he came to Mussoorie, he became an officer of English Saina, but he liked this place so much that he lived here for the whole 40 years and was busy grooming it. One of them is also the location of the hills of Landour.

Landour Hills All-weather scenic tourist spot

The high hills of the Himalayas and the Doon Valley of Uttarakhand, along with the dense forests of deodar-pine, this hill station serves to impress the tourists to a large extent. It is a special site reminiscent of the colonial period. The weather here is pleasant throughout the year, so you can come here at any time. Landour Hill Station is an all-weather tourist spot or destination for visitors.

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Landour Hills This is a place that nature lovers and those interested in history must come. The natural views are worth seeing during the monsoon. Through this article, know-how Landour hill station in the hill state of Uttarakhand can make you happy.

Landour Hills Tourist Places in Mussoorie

“Landour”, a mountain full of scenic beauty, is located at a rate of only less than 8 km from Mussoorie. Actually, both Mussoorie and Landour are twin hill stations of Dehradun which were developed by the Britishers. Both are called hill stations “Queen of Hills” (queens of the hills). However, when you reach Landour from Mussoorie, it seems that you have reached a different world.

Landour Hill Mussoorie
Landour Hill Mussoorie

In Mussoorie, apart from tourists, you also see a lot of local people, while in Landour, the local popular ion is less than 4 thousand. That is, a small and beautiful hill station is welcoming you. Its narrow roads are covered with huge oak trees. Landour hills are also very popular and natural because of the famous writer Ruskin Bond, who lives in this quiet and beautiful place.

The weather of the hills of Landour

The summer season starts in March and this season this Landour Hill Station starts to look spectacular. In this season, the beautiful mountains of the Gangotri range, which are located about 200 km away, can also be easily seen. Which is covered with snow and it looks shiny like silver.

Tourist people keep coming here in every season, whether it is summer, winter season or rain. Even though the mountains away from the Landour Hill Station are not visible in the rain, but the greenery of Landour‘s own hills looks like a green meadow. And she looks like a bride. You can come to the Landour Hills Station in the winter season Uttarakhand and if you are a bit lucky, you can also see snowfall.

Scenic Tourist Places Near Landour Hills

Landour Hills is one of the most beautiful places in Uttarakhand for nature lovers. Therefore, anyone who comes to visit Mussoorie is desperate to see the landmarks from the hills of Landour.

Scenic Tourist Places Near Landour Hills
Scenic Tourist Places Near Landour Hills
  • Lal Tibba: The grand peaks of the Garhwal Himalayas can be seen from the heights of the red dunes. Lal Tibba is the highest point of Mussoorie which is situated here with an elevation of about 8000 meters above sea level. This dune is counted among the most spectacular tourist destinations of Landour, from where you can enjoy the beauty of the hill. Especially the sunrise and sunset are worth seeing here. Tourists who go on a city tour do come here. The lush green area here affects the tourists to a great extent. There are many shops located near this place where one can also do shopping.
  • Sisters Bazaar: This is a small market near Mussoorie and near Landour Hill Station. This is where you find the famous café house ‘Bakehouse’ and now other cafe houses are also open here. The cake, pastry, and coffee here are amazing, but if you sit near the window and see the view outside, then you will feel lost in nature. In the Sisters market, you will find a variety of local products such as preserved apricots, strawberry jam, etc. The famous “Char-Dukan” area of ​​Mussoorie Hill Station is also here.
  • Round trip to Landour Hill Station: If you want to roam in Landour hill itself, you can take a circular walk. In a few hours, you will complete this walk. But this will be a walk that you will always want to remember. There are large narrow streets, beautiful cottages, old churches, and some fog in this walk. However, this mist will change when the weather changes, not because of pollution. The air at Landour Hill Station is very clean, so the weather here changes quickly.
  • Jabarkhet Nature Reserve: Jabarkhet Nature Reserve of Mussoorie is about 20 kilometers from Landour Hill Station by car. If the weather is clear, it is a wonderful sight to see snow-covered peaks from the park. It will also be pleasing to roam the rhododendron forest within the reserve.
  •  Landour Language School: Apart from other places in Landour, you can also see the special ” Landour Language School” here, where Hindi, as well as Urdu and Punjabi, are taught. Students from all over the world come here to learn these Indian languages. The school building is worth visiting. This language school is populated with beautiful natural scenery. This school is known among the most exclusive language schools in India. These were the most beautiful tourist attractions of Landour where you can come while traveling to Uttarakhand.
  • Sanji, Bhatoli Village: It is located nearby. It is also called ‘Corn Village‘. Here the houses are decorated with “Makki ki Bhutto”. During the walnut season, one can enjoy walnut chutney, walnut kheer, etc. The village is located about five km from the famous Kempty Fall in Mussoorie. This village is present on the way to and from Yamunotri. In this village with a population of 400 people, corn is hung outside the houses to dry. It will be seen at first sight, and the village is simply adorned with corn. Most of the houses in this village are made of cedar trees. This has been done in this area for centuries, it is a way of traditional farming there, but now tourists are coming to this village in large numbers to see and know this tradition. Senji village, now known as Corn Village, tourists come to Mussoorie to get familiar with the everyday life of the rural area.

How to reach Landour Hill Station

Landour hills station is only about 35 km from Dehradun. And from Dehradun, you can reach here by taxi via Mussoorie. If you are coming from other cities, then you can reach Dehradun by airplane, or train, there are also luxury buses available from Delhi. Dehradun is also connected by rail to all the states of the country.

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