Mana The last Village of Uttarakhand

Mana The last Village of Uttarakhand (माणा उत्तराखंड का आखिरी गांव) is Located on the border of Uttarakhand, Mana village is the last village of Uttarakhand and India in the north direction, after which the border of China starts. Mana village is also known as Mana village (माना गावं). This village is mentioned in references related to Tretayuga. Its mythical name is said to be Manibhadra (मणिभद्रपुर).

the last village of Uttarakhand
the last village of Uttarakhand

The locales of this village are very beautiful due to the inhabited love of nature. This village is very pleasing to history lovers as well as tourists who cherish the natural beauty. This village belongs to the Mahabharata period. Because it was from here that the Pandavas made their way to heaven.

About Mana the last village of Uttarakhand

The Pandavas went to Alkapuri through this natural beauty through the full route. It is said that now some people take this as a way to heaven and go away secretly. Mana, the last village of India, is situated at an altitude of about 18,000 feet above sea level, about three km ahead of Badrinath in the mountainous Himalayas of Uttarakhand. The cultural heritage of this village along the Indo-Tibet border is not only important, but it is also famous for its unique traditions and the cultural heritage of the people living there.

People of the “Radampa” tribe and “Bhotia” Tribe reside here. Previously, people knew little about this village situated at the confluence of the Gupta Ganges and Alaknanda, just a little away from Badrinath, but now the government has made a paved road till here. This last village of Uttarakhand is also important in terms of the border security of the country.

After making the road, tourists can come here easily, and their number has also increased considerably now than before. Situated on the northern border of India, there are many scenic spots around this village, which include Vyas Cave, Ganesh Cave, Draupadi Temple, Saraswati Temple, Bhima Bridge, Vasudhara falls, etc.

Life in Mana village is very difficult

Every year in the last Mana village of Uttarakhand, there is a cold winter Uttarakhand. For six months this area remains covered only by snow. This is the reason why the high Himalayan mountain peaks here are absolutely steep and dry. Before the onset of winter, the villagers here live in the villages of Chamoli district located below.

And as the summer or the snow starts melting, tourists from foreign countries start coming here. And the villagers go to their high mountains. Tourists also come here as a means of employment for the villagers through which they live.

You will be surprised to know that the only inter-college here is run for six months in Mana village and six months in Chamoli. Although this entire area remains cold throughout the year, the land here cannot be called barren. When the snow melts here in April-May, the greenery here is worth seeing. The soil here is considered to be the best for potatoes.

Places to visit around the last Mana village of Uttarakhand

There are many historical places to visit in the last Mana village of Uttarakhand. If you climb some uphill from the village, Ganesh Cave (गणेश गुफा) is seen first and then Vyas Cave. It is said about the Vyasa cave that it was here that the Vedavas (वेदव्यास) composed the Puranas and divided the Vedas into four parts. Vyasa cave (व्यास गुफा) and Ganesh cave being here prove this legend that while writing Mahabharata and Puranas Vyasji spoke and Ganeshji wrote. Vyas cave is bigger than Ganesh cave. As soon as one enters the cave, one sees a small rock. The meaning of Vedas is written in Prakrit language on this rock.

Mana village
Mana village
  • Bhimpul (भीमपुल): There is a Bhimpul near the village of Mana. It is said that the Pandava sons went through this route to Alakapuri. It is also said that even now some people take this place as a way to heaven and go away secretly. Along with the natural beauty, there is an interesting folk belief attached to the Bhima bridge. When the Pandavas passed through this route. Then there was a deep moat between the two hills, which was not easy to cross. Then Kunti’s son Bhima picked up a huge rock, threw it, bridged the trench, and converted it into a bridge. Local people have built a temple of Bhima here too.
  • Vasudhara (वसुधारा): If we proceed through this path, then it is about five km. Tourists reach here by walking on foot. Vasudhara falls from a height of about 400 feet. The water of this waterfall seems like a splash of pearls. It is said that the water droplets of this stream do not fall on the sinner’s body. This waterfall is so high that the entire falls from the origin of the mountain to the mountain peak cannot be seen at a glance.
  • The Cave of Veda Vyasa (व्यास गुफा): There are many such ancient caves or sights on the earth, where some secret is definitely hidden. This cave full of booking is known as ‘Vyas Cave’. Although it is a small cave, it is said that thousands of years ago, Maharishi Veda Vyasa stayed in this cave and concluded the Vedas and Puranas. It is also believed that in this cave, Ved Vyas composed the epic Mahabharata with the help of Lord Ganesha. Veda Vyas Cave is also famous all over the country with its unique roof. On looking at this roof, it seems as if many pages are placed one above the other. There is a mysterious notion about this roof. It is said that this is the part of the story of Mahabharata, which no one knows except Maharishi Veda Vyas and Lord Ganesha.

Indo-Tibetan Border Security Force base in Mana village

The Indo-Tibetan Border Security Force also has a base in the last Mana village of Uttarakhand. Until some time ago, the youths here in the security force Recruitment was not done, but now these people are also being recruited in the Border Security Force. They get ration every month from the cooperative society. All have electricity in their homes and all have been provided with gas connections.

Best time to visit Mana village is between May to October. During this time, a large number of tourists come here every year. Because usually these days the doors of Badrinath Dham open. This village, located on the border of India and China, has unique views of nature.

How to reach the last mana village of Uttarakhand

Mana village can be reached by road from Haridwar and Rishikesh. You can go by rail journey to Haridwar. The distance from here to Mana village is about 275 kilometers. Bus and taxi are easily available from the tourist places of Uttarakhand, Haridwar, Dehradun, Rishikesh, etc. to go to Mana village

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