Narada Muni journalist of the universe

Narada Muni journalist of the universe: Devarshi Narada Muni, who is considered a symbol of unending devotion and the psyche son of Brahma, recounts in detail in the Puranas. The common man considers Narada to be bickering and discord, but this image of him is completely untrue because the main purpose of Narada is to bring the call of every devotee to God.

Devarshi Narada Muni
Devarshi Narada Muni

Narada is considered among the greatest devotees of Vishnu and has the blessing of being immortal. However, before attaining this stage, Narada is also reported to have had many births. With the grace of Lord Vishnu, they can appear anywhere in all the ages and all three Lokas.

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Birth of Devarshi Narada Muni

It is believed that Devarshi Narada was born on the day of Pratipada of Krishna paksha of Jyestha month. That is why Narada Jayanti is celebrated every year on this day. On this day, after worshiping Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi, the Goddess Narada is worshiped. Narada, praising Lord Vishnu with the melodious sound of his veena and chanting Narayana-Narayana from his Shrimukh forever, is considered the Guru of Maharishi Vyasa, Maharishi Valmiki, and Mahakavi Shukdev.

Religious mystery of Narad muni

In some scriptures, Narada Muni is also considered an incarnation of Trikaldarshi and Vishnu. According to Srimad Bhagavadpuran, Lord Vishnu has taken the third incarnation as Devarshi Narada in the universe. In some places, he is also described as a disciple of Jupiter. According to religious Puranas, Brahma Ji himself taught music to Devarshi, Narada, who was proficient in many arts and disciplines, and Lord Vishnu had taught him various forms of Maya.

It is believed that Devarshi Narada preached to many supreme devotees of Lord Vishnu like Bhakta Prahmaad, Bhakta Ambarish, Bhakta Dhruva, etc., and led them on the path of devotion. He married Bhrigu Kanya Lakshmi to Lord Vishnu. Devraj Indra understood and extinguished Dev dancer Urvashi with Pururava. Apart from this, he also became the medium of his destruction by bringing the accounts of the persecution of the people by many tyrannical Maharaksas to God.

Religious mystery of Narad muni
Religious mystery of Narad muni

Inspired Maharishi Valmiki to compose the Ramayana. This is the reason that Narada, who has been respected in all ages, times, genres, and classes, is remembered as a poet, meritorious ethicist, and an influential orator with knowledge of the news of all the worlds.

Narada Muni journalist, traveling musician, and storyteller

Narada, who is considered to be the supreme devotee of Lord Vishnu, is believed to have been born from the lap of Brahma, the creator of the universe. Narada Muni, the sage (Devarshi) of the Gods and the Gods of sages who exchange information through the three worlds, unmoving, is considered one of the seven Manas sons of Brahma, who has the gift of immortality.

Devarshi Narada was the first journalist of the universe

According to the scriptures, Narada Muni can appear anywhere at any time in every era and in the three worlds due to the grace of Lord Vishnu. He is considered the first such messenger of the universe, who used to exchange information while circling from one world to another. Though the image of Narada Muni has been said to be a mythical character who is a slugger, that is, the idolatry and strife among themselves, in reality, his main purpose has been reflected in bringing every devotee’s call to God.

He has been playing the role of an active and meaningful correspondent, while traveling from one world to another, compiling and communicating. Through dialogue, he does not break but connects and he is the first ancestor of journalism. Along with being the sage of the gods, he is the correspondent of the universe as the first divine journalist of the universe. He has been considered the divine emissary of the gods and the leading seeker of communication.

In the universe, all the gods and goddesses, Gandharvas, Rishi-sages, and even demons respected Devi sage Narada very much. Narada, the benevolent Devarshi of the people, used to grieve himself after seeing various creatures on earth, and it is mentioned in a mythological story. According to the legend, once Devarshi Narada Muni went to Baikuthadham and pleaded with Lord Vishnu that he is very sad to see the people on earth unhappy because it is good not for those who follow the path of religion but those who do wrong.

It is said that Naradji taught 10 thousand sons of Daksha Prajapati to retire from the world, while Brahma wanted to chase them on the path of creation. Brahma cursed them again. By this curse, Gandharvas were born in the vagina on the mountain of Narada Gandhamadan. In this vagina, Narada’s name was Upbaharna (उपबर्हण). It is also believed that there was a Gandharva named Narada Muni Ji Upbarana in the preconception. It is said that he had 60 wives and being beautiful he was always surrounded by beautiful women. Therefore Brahma cursed them to be born in the Shudra vagina.

After this curse, Narada was born to a maid of the Shudra class. The father died as soon as he was born. One day his mother also passed away from this world due to a snake bite. Now Narada muni Ji remained alone in this world. At that time, he was only five years old. One day Santjan stayed in his village during Chaturmas. Naradji served the saints well. He got enlightenment by the grace of saints. When the time came, Naradji’s five physical bodies were left and at the end of the cycle, Brahmaji’s psyche incarnated.

According to Tulsidasji’s Balram of Shriramcharit Manas, Naradji felt arrogant that he had conquered work. God once built a city with his illusion, in which a beautiful Rajakanya swayamvar was going on. It is given in the story. Naradji went to God and asked for his beautiful face so that the princess would like him. But for the good of his devotee, God gave Narada the monkey’s mouth. In the Swayamvara, Rajakanya (Lakshmi herself) received God. When Naradji saw his mouth in the water, his anger erupted. Naradji cursed Lord Vishnu that he too would have to bear the brunt of his wife and the monkey would help him.

According to the Puranas, Brahmaji asked Narada muni to participate in the works of creation and marry, but he did not obey his father Brahma and he continued in devotion to Vishnu. Then, in anger, Brahmaji cursed Devarshi Narada to remain unmarried for a lifetime.

Finally, Narada Muni is worshiped only after worshiping Lord Vishnu and Mata Lakshmi on Narada Jayanti. On this day one should recite the Gita and Durgasaptashti. On this day, Lord Krishna should donate food and clothes by offering a flute to Lord Krishna in the temple.

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