Vedic Astrology Maharishi Parashar

Great Vedic Astrology Maharishi Parashar: Located in the middle of the dense mountain uplands of Rajasthan, 800 square kilometers in Sariska Tiger Reserve, if you go, there are many places to attract. The samadhi of King Bhartrihari (राजा भर्तृहरि) who composed Shringar century, Vairagya century, and Niti century (श्रृंगार शतक, वैराग्य शतक और नीति शतक), Pandupol where there is a lying statue of Hanuman Ji, seeing that one remembers the episode of Bhima and Hanuman where the pride did not even shake the tail of the old monkey.

Vedic Astrology Maharishi Parashar
Vedic Astrology Maharishi Parashar

Were found At this place, the mountain, which Bhima broke with a mace, made way for Virat Nagar. Today a big waterfall flows at this place. From here the capital of King Virat “Virat Nagar” is hardly 15-20 kilometers. Let us keep in mind that the great time of Pandavas’ exile has been spent in Sariska Tiger Sanchuri and the year of the last exile is here with King Virat. In this capital, Arjuna taught “Gandharva Vidya” to his future background “Uttara”.

The Great Vedic Astrology Maharishi Parashar

On one corner of this tiger sanctuary, the ashram of The Great Vedic Astrology Maharishi Parashar and the sacrificial fire is situated. Today the water is coming down here, but at some time this ashram was situated under a very large waterfall.

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When, for the first time, the National Council of the Indian Council of Astrological Sciences organized the ashram of Rishi Parashar. So, hundreds of scholars from all over the country were surprised to see how Rishi Parashar must have done austerities here in the midst of dense forest with thousands of lioness wild animals?

Some scholars of South India were so thrilled by the sight of Rishi Parashar’s fumigation and reacted to him with tears in their eyes that “Our life is blessed”. Did not read, what astrology would he do? It is a complete gram of all the subjects of astrology.

Who is Vedic Astrology Maharishi Parashar?

Shaktamuni, the father of the great Vedic Astrology maharishi Parashar, grandson of Jyotishcharya, Smritikar and Brahmologist, grandson of Maharishi Vasishtha, one of the great sapta rishis of the Rigveda and one of the great seekers of the Gayatri Mantra, was Shaktamuni, and mother’s name was Adyashyanti. Sage Parashar had intercourse with Nishadaj’s daughter Satyavati in her virgin state, which led to the birth of Vedvyas, the author of ‘Mahabharata’. Satyavati later married King Shantanu.

Maharishi Parashar is a pioneer in the promoters of Indian astrology. In Maharshi Prokant texts, only these complete texts are available under the name ‘Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra’. The words of other promoter sages are found in this way, but there is no darshan of any complete scripture. This is a testament to the generality and universality of Parashar’s view. Due to the merit and completeness of ‘Parasara Hora Sastra’, this creation of his is prevalent everywhere.

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This place comes under the state of Matsya. Sage Parashar was married to Gandharva Satyavati, a daughter raised by the boatman, which led to the birth of Krishna-Dvaipayana. This was later called Lord Ved Vyasa. Krishna Drapayan had gone to Badri Forest after retiring, where Badrinath Dham is located today.

When Shankaracharya established the Char Dham, Badrinathji was declared Shankaracharya’s astrology bench because Ved Vyas was the son of the greatest then astrologer Rishi Parashar and was a master of astrology. While Sage Parashar advocated Sankhyadarshana, his page Vedavyas composed the Brahmasutra, which is famous today as Vedanta.

Story of Vedic Astrology Maharishi Parashar and Satyavati

Rishi Ved Vyas, son of Vedic Astrology Maharishi Parashar, composed the ‘Mahabharata’. The name of Ved Vyas was Krishna Dvaipayana. The mother of Ved Vyas was Satyavati. Satyavati was also named Matsyagandha because her organs smelled of fish and she used to work as a boat. Once, when Rishi Parashar was crossing the Yamuna while sitting in his boat, after seeing Satyavati’s beauty in his mind, feelings of attachment awakened and he requested Satyavati for a love affair.

Story of Vedic Astrology Maharishi Parashar and Satyavati
Story of Vedic Astrology Maharishi Parashar and Satyavati

Satyavati gets into some thinking after hearing this and then tells him that ‘O Muniver! You are a theologian and I am a Nishad girl, so this relationship is not right. ‘ Then Parashar Muni says, ‘Don’t worry, because you will not lose your virginity even if you have a relationship and you will remain a virgin even if you have maternity.’ Hearing this, Satyavati accepts Muni’s request. Sage Parashar spreads dense fog all around with his yogic power and is engaged with Satyavati.

Later he blesses the sage Satyavati that the smell of fish coming from his body will be transformed into an aroma. Later, Satyavati gets a son only on the island of this river. These songs are later called Ved Vyas. Vyasji was of a dark complexion, due to which he was called ‘Krishna’ and was born on an island between the Yamuna and hence he was also called ‘Dwaipayan’. Later, he became famous by the name of Ved Vyas due to commenting on the Vedas.

Satyavati, who gave Vedic Astrology maharishi Parashar a son like Ved Vyas, later became royal high and married to King Shantanu, the mother of the Kaurava Pandavas, and on the basis of promise taken from Ved Vyas, Satyavati gave them birth in her kingdom to pursue dynasty on the basis of Niyoga practice. had called.

Vedic Astrology Maharishi Parashar’s compositions

It was Rishi Parashar who composed the first book of “Botany (“वनस्पति शास्त्र”)”. He described agricultural work as very good and wrote compositions on it, it is called “Agricultural Parashar”. Shri Vishnu Mahapuran and Parashar Uppuran are related to these. The book is known as Krishi Parashar.

It is virtually conversational science, with the main talks being agriculture, cow protection and commerce. The subject connected with this has the fruits of Samvatsara etc. in which “rain science” also comes. He has even said that many creatures die due to cutting trees, plowing the earth, etc. So, those who do agricultural work should do Khalyajna. By doing this, he is freed from all sins.

अन्नं न निन्द्यात् ! तद्व्रतम्। प्राणो वा अन्नम्।
शरीरमन्नादम्। प्राणे शरीरं प्रतिष्ठितम्।
अन बहु कुर्वीत। पृथिती वा अन्नम्‌

This statement of Taittiriya Upanishad (तैत्तिरीय उपनिषद) means that in the Satyuga, the souls are unstable, in the Treta, the life is impermanent, in the copper age, but in the Kaliyuga, the soul remains unstable on the basis of the grain. This thing has been said in “Parashar Smriti” that food is life, food is tomorrow and food is the means of all sponsorships. In this way, they have given important decisions regarding rainfall –

वृष्टिमूला कृषि: सर्वा वृष्टिमूलं च जीवनम्‌।।
तस्मादादो प्रयत्नेन वृष्टिज्ञानं समाचरेत्‌।।

Rishi Parashar has composed the Rigveda and has composed the “Parashar Smriti” or “Parashar Dharma” Samhita, “Brihat Parashar Horaastra”, “Small Parashari”, “Madhya Parashari” and Vriksha Ayurveda are also composed by him. He was the grandson of Maharishi Vashistha, the figure of Shakti, and also went to meet Bhishma lying on Sharashayya. He was Vyasa of the 26th Dwapara. When King Janmejaya started sacrificing serpents, where was the sage Parashar present?

A king became a demon by the curse of sage Parashar’s grandfather. He ate 100 of Vashistha’s letters. Grieved Vasishta went to the Himalayas with a daughter-in-law. There he heard the sound of the Vedas. Then Vashishtha’s daughter-in-law told that this sound is being made by the page located in her womb. Sons located in the womb had heard this demon narration, so after birth, sage Parashar ji had become extremely opposed to demons till death and started the demon session.

Sage Parashar has given important formulas for “fruit astrology (फलित ज्योतिष)”, but he has also been a great proponent of “remedy astrology (उपाय ज्योतिष)”. In one of the last chapters of the great Parashar Horashastra, in the pre-birth curse Doyotanadhyay, he has described the sum of the loss of children from the serpent. That is, if you have persecuted or killed a snake in your birth, you will either not have a child in this birth or you will be destroyed. As a remedy, a snake is made by worshiping the Nagamandal for a full snake and is worshiped in a legislative manner. By making this yoga, a modern astrologer has made Kalsarpa Yoga a good medium for Dhandohan. No serious astrologer of India agrees with Kalsarpa Yoga (कालसर्प योग).


  • The Great Vedic Astrology Maharishi Parashar: The Rishi Parashar had acquired knowledge of many disciplines and given them to the world. Parashar has many verses in the Rigveda. The Vishnu Purana, Parashar Smriti, Videharaj Janaka referred to as Gita (Parashar Geeta), BrihatparasharSamhita, etc. are compositions of Parashar.
  • Parashar Gita: In the dialogue of Bhishma and Yudhishthira in the Shanti Parva of Mahabharata, Yudhishthira reveals the conversation between Bhishma Raja Janak and Parashar to Yudhishthira. This conversation is known as ‘Parashar Geeta‘. There are talks of knowledge related to religion and action. In fact, in Shanti Parva, a detailed description of the answers to all kinds of philosophical and religious questions is found.
  • Vedic Astrology Maharishi Parashar: Parashar Rishi composed many texts out of which his texts written above astrology are very important. Astrology of ancient and present is based on the rules laid down by Parashar. Rishi Parashar has written the Brihatparashar Hora Shastra, Laghuparashari (Astrology).
  • Other compositions of Rishi Parashar: Brihatparashariya Dharmasanhita, Parasarya Dharmasanhita (Smriti), Parashar Samhita (Vaidyak), Parashariya Puranam (mentioned by Madhvacharya), Parasarahodityan Natyasastram (Chanakya mentions), Parasaroditya, Vastushastram (Vishwakarma) has mentioned Etc. are his compositions. Parashar Smriti is a religiosity in which emphasis is on religious devotion. Sage Parasharji was a divinity and a sage endowed with supernatural power. He revealed the knowledge of religion, astrology, architecture, Ayurveda, ethics, thematic knowledge. The texts composed by him are Vrihapatrashar Horashastra, Laghuparashari, Vrihapatrashariya Dharma Samhita, Parashar Dharma Samhita, Parasharotitam, Vaastushastram, Parashar Samhita (Ayurveda), Parashar Mahapuran, Parashar Ethics, etc. are also well-known for human beings whose relevance is also known today.

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Rishi Parashar has given invaluable gifts to the year India. Satyavati, who on one side changed the religious and philosophical history of India by producing Ved Vyasa from Parashar, on the other hand, Kaurava Pandavas, her descendants from King Shantanu, changed the political and geographical history of India. Due to the neglect of the Sage Parashar sites by modern governments, these places The means of transport is also not good.

Just a few kilometers from where Rishi Parashar’s ashram is located in the fort of Bhangarh where a magician princess destroyed the tantric. This place once had the potential to become the principal capital of the Rajputs.

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