The Famous sweets of Uttarakhand

The Famous sweets of Uttarakhand (उत्तराखंड की प्रसिद्ध मिठाई): Sweets have their own importance in the Himalayan state of Uttarakhand. Here, sweets are fed to guests, friends, and family members on every happy occasion, wedding ceremony. Regardless of whether the marriage has become a spoiled work, the importance of Indian sweets increases a lot at that time.

Famous sweets of Uttarakhand
Famous sweets of Uttarakhand

And often you will have seen yourself whenever you want to put a roof of a new house in the village, then those who eat sweets do not stay away. In all the districts in Uttarakhand, sweets of their own kind are also found there. According to the culture and Cuisine Of Uttarakhand, there is also a variation in the sweets of every district, which is related to the food and food of the people living there.

The Famous sweets of Uttarakhand

We Indians love sweets so much that we always look for excuses to eat sweets. Be it festival or birthday, the happiness of getting employment or wedding celebration, every festival of ours seems like something incomplete without saying “make mouth sweet”. Therefore, it is not surprising that every state and union territory in our country has its own special dessert.

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List of the famous sweets of Uttarakhand

  • Bal Mithai
  • Singori
  • Jhangore ki Kheer/Chachcheri
  • Roat/Moti meethi roti
  • Arsa
  • Rotana or Khajoor
  • Gulgula
  • Gujia/Gujiya
  • Pahadi Halwa (Aata/Suji ka)
  • Singhal Mithai
  • khenchuva sweet

Situated in the shadow of the high Himalayas, the state of Uttarakhand called Dev Bhoomi is a naturally blessed destination and home to many secret and famous sweets and delicacies. The famous sweets of Uttarakhand are made only by the people of the region and traditionally by the nutritious grains found there and by using very little of the external ingredients. The Famous sweets of Uttarakhand are garnished with khoya, mandava, flour, jaggery, rice flour, etc. Some common Uttarakhand sweets include Almora’s Bal-sweets, Singori, Arsa, Rotana, Jhangori Kheer, etc.

The Famous sweets of India

Sweets of India are a famous dish that is usually made with milk, ghee, cheese, sugar, and other ingredients. The use of ingredients varies from one region to another. Indian sweets are very tasty. In fact, Indian cuisine is known worldwide as sweet cuisine. Many popular Indian sweets are famous throughout South Asia, while others are specific to a certain region and specific to only one ethnic group in India.

The Famous sweets of India
The Famous sweets of India

Sweets are also important in Indian culture. Sweets are usually presented during festive occasions and celebrations and indicate good omen, happiness, and prosperity. Sweets are distributed on every joyous occasion in India. Indian sweets come in various flavors, shapes, colors, and sizes.

There are different types of Indian sweets. Most Indian sweets are made from ‘khoya’ or mawa, which is boiled to remove moisture. They are made into a variety of sweets, combining ghee, sugar, and many other ingredients to enhance flavor. India’s sweets are garnished with raisins, almonds, pistachios, and sesame seeds.

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Some of the common Indian sweets are Rasgulla, Gulab Jamun, Kulfi, Son Papdi, Jalebi, Sendesh, Khaja, Chena Murki, Imrati, Kheer, Chikki, Shrikhand, Patishap, Rasmalai, Motichur, Mohan Thal, Laddu, Halwa, Rabra, Peda, Barfi, Parwal’s Sweets, Narkel Naru, etc.

Apart from this classification, Indian sweets can be called another division which is ethnic and traditional Indian sweets. Traditional Indian sweets are those that were made in Indian homes long ago. These sweets are mentioned in historical records and also in some epics. They are still made in homes during festivals and functions.

Know About The Famous sweets of Uttarakhand

We all want to taste the famously delicious and traditional sweets of Uttarakhand. Many people from Uttarakhand stay away from their village, it is natural that they will be remembering their village and the cuisine there. If you are bored with the expensive and adulterated sweets of the markets and if you want to taste the culture of Uttarakhand and the tradition that has been going on for years, then the sweets that were often made by the rural women. We can also easily make Uttarakhand’s famous sweets in our homes.

Sweets of Uttarakhand
Sweets of Uttarakhand

Such efforts will bring Uttarakhand’s hillbilly sweets in the coming times and they will also gain fame, which will promote the local products grown by the people living on the mountain and their livelihood will be promoted and the culture of the mountain will also be promoted.

  • Bal Mithai (बाल मिठाई): Just like Hyderabad’s Biryani and Lucknow’s Tunde Kabab has become his identity. Similarly, “Bal Mithai” of Uttarakhand has also become its identity. This is the reason that today the first name of the Famous sweets of Uttarakhand come from Almora’s “Bal Mithai”. People do not forget the taste of chocolate for years after eating a child-like sweet that looks like chocolate. Bal Mithai is also called Chocolate of Uttarakhand. Chocolate is made from khoya, not cocoa beans. The specialty of Bal Sweets is that it looks crunchy in food. The taste of this dessert is so wonderful that it has become a favorite dessert for tourists and people here.
  • Singori (सिंगोरी): Tehri’s “Singori” has been a special identity of sweets since the era of the monarchy. Raja Maharajas liked this dessert very much. Today, be it a wedding or any other religious event, guests must be served at Singori. “Singori” is a special type of dessert, prepared from mawa. The special feature of this dessert is that it is wrapped and kept in the leaf of “Malu”. It is specially prepared during the festival season. “Malu” trees become readily available in the forests of Uttarakhand for 12 months. The specialty of this leaf is that it does not spoil quickly. It remains green even after 15 days of being brought from the forest. The scent of the leaves adds to the taste of Singori. The sweetness of Tehri’s Singori in Uttarakhand is now reaching every nook and corner of the country. Migrants from other metros like Delhi, Mumbai are being sent to Tehri’s Singori on online demand. This is the reason why Singori’s business has started in New Tehri’s Agrakhal market too, and in Arsa and Rotane, Agrakhal is making its new identity of market.
  • Jhangore ki Kheer/Chachcheri (झंगोरे की खीर/ छंछेरी): There are different types of grains in Uttarakhand. Jhangora is one of these coarse grains, whose kheer is very popular. Jhangore kheer is such a dessert that every Uttarakhandi is crazy about. Jhanore kheer contains rich calories, protein, carbohydrates, and other nutrients. It is beneficial in heart disease and sugar disease. Jhangore with fine white grains is also known as “SAWAN” in Hindi. Jhangore kheer is a delicious hill sweet dish, which is eaten with great fervor in the mountains of Uttarakhand.
  • Roat/Moti meethi roti/Rwaat (रोट /मोटी मीठी रोटी /रवाट): In Uttarakhand, this thick roti is often made in pooja lessons. All the people of the village gather wheat flour, milk, and jaggery together and then prepare a mixture and make a small bread on a large pan, which is also called “roat” or “Rwaat”, by adding ghee to it. It is sacrificed. When this roti is prepared and then all the people of the village first enjoy it in their village temple. It takes a lot of taste to eat this sweet bread.
  • Arsa (अरसा): Arsa Sweet is a famous sweet dish of Garhwal and Kumaon region of Uttarakhand. Which is given to the guests as a return gift on every auspicious ceremony or wedding ceremony. To make it, rice is made by soaking it overnight and then after crushing it, mix it with jaggery.
  • Rotana or Khajoor (रोटाना वा खजूर): Rotana is the famous cookies of Uttarakhand. They are also called ‘Khajoor’ in the local dialect. You can keep it in the house for a long time, which does not spoil quickly and remains fresh. In earlier times, when people used to go away from their homes in connection with employment or on a journey, they used to keep Rotana with them. They enjoyed this delicious dish anywhere and anytime. It is a fried cookie consisting of wheat flour, milk, semolina, fennel, and jaggery. Rotana is served at cultural events and festivals. Khajoor are also prepared during “Makar Sankranti and Holi” festivals.
  • Gulgula (गुलगुला): Often you have not heard the name of this dish of the hill people. If you are familiar with the food and drink of Uttarakhand, then this name will be often heard by the people. Gulgula is also made on auspicious occasions like rota. It is cooked in oil using a mixture of flour and jaggery to make it. The Gulgula recipe is made not only in Uttarakhand but also in entire India.
  • Gujia/Gujiya (गुजिया): At the festival of Holi, there is no way a Gujiya can be made at home. After all, guests who come to play Holi are also waiting to eat this sweet dish. Gujiya is made in many ways like mawa filled Gujiya and semolina stuffed Gujiya. The crunchy outer layer is prepared from the flour and its dryness is prepared by mixing dry fruits with mawa. Gujia is also made in Uttarakhand and also in the entire Indian state, it is often made during the festival of Holi.
  • Pahadi Halwa Aata/Suji ka (पहाड़ी हलवा (आटा /सूजी का ): When it comes to making “Halwa”, first of all, the semolina pudding comes on the mouth. The most special thing about Suji “Halwa” is that it can be made easily at home too. For this, you do not need to worry too much. You can make “Suji ka Halwa” very easily in a short time, but “Aate ka Halwa” is also made in the mountains of Uttarakhand and it is very nutritious. Similar “Halwa” is made from India to India and abroad as well, but the only difference is the tradition and recipe and the taste is also different.
  • Singhal Mithai (सिंगल मिठाई): Singhal Mithai It is a soft, spongy, sweet, fragrant Kumaoni sweet dish of the very popular traditional Uttarakhand. By the way, it is also made in a slightly modified form in Garhwal, Nepal, and other parts of the country. Somewhere it is called “Shell (शेल)”, it can be found in Nepal as popular street food in the name of a street in the name of “Cell Roti (सेल रोटि)”.It is prepared in Kumaon on festivals and all special occasions. Once cooked, take it for about a week Can be used for food. If some festival is celebrated in Kumaon at the beginning of every month (Sakrant) On this occasion you can get the sweet fragrance of a Singhal. It can also be served as a dessert along with Rabri.
  • khenchuva sweet (खेंचुवा मिठाई): Now some of you may be thinking that we have heard the name of “Bal Sweets”, but where did this Khenchuva Sweets come from? The town of Didihat in Pithoragarh district is identified as Khenchuwan Sweets. It can also be called the magnificent gift of Kumaon. Based on the local language, it is clear from its name itself. Khanchuva refers to the vibe and once its taste dissolves on the tongue, then it settles in the heart and mind.
    Khenchuva is a type of dessert made only in Didihat. Negi families from Devidhura started making khenchuva in Didihat in the 80s. During this period, due to a lack of milk, khenchuva was made in limited quantity. Gradually due to its specialty, its demand started increasing. With demand, khenchuva started becoming more. Milk is prepared by boiling milk for a long time, adding sugar to it. Given the demand for milk for this particular type of sweetness, the rural milk production in the villages started increasing.

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